Dear Pray-ers, 

Urgent prayer for the confirmation of David Friedman as the next US ambassador to the Jewish State.

President Trump has nominated David Friedman, a distinguished lawyer and trusted friend of Israel, to serve as the next US ambassador to the Jewish State. 

Unfortunately there are groups opposing Mr. Friedman's nomination. The only serious arguments these groups are making against Friedman is that they disagree with his positions on the peace process and settlements. 

This standard -- turning a policy disagreement into a disqualification for service -- has never previously existed. In 2011, for example, President Obama nominated Daniel Shapiro to be his ambassador to Israel. Many senators disagreed with Shapiro's reputed positions on settlements and the peace process. But not one of them voted against Shapiro. They understood that the President was entitled to pick someone with whom he agreed -- not someone with whom they agreed. They were right. 

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Lynne Hammond, DFZ National  Director

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