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Christians United For Israel (CUFI)

Christian United For Israel (CUFI) is the parent organization of Daughters For Zion. The purpose of Christians United For Israel is to provide a national association through which every pro-Israel church, parachurch organization, ministry, or individual in America can speak and act with one voice in support of Israel in matters related to biblical issues. 


Christians United For Israel on Campus, a Christians United For Israel National Initiative, actively develops politically-minded student leaders and equips them to become effective advocates for Israel on their college campus. CUFI on Campus students work to raise awareness of Israel and counter anti-Semitism at their school, mobilizing their fellow students toward specific, action-based initiatives focused on the Biblical, moral, and socio-political reasons to support Israel. 

Israel Collective

The Israel Collective, an initiative of Christians United for Israel, was founded in 2014 by a team of young Christian leaders dedicated to building vibrant relationships between American Christians and the people of the Holy Land. Our goal is to create a community that walks out the teachings of Jesus by asking how we can love Israelis and Palestinians in a way that makes God smile. As His followers, we are called to take a different path, to love others as He loved them, and to bring joy and life to our brothers and sisters in the Holy Land. This means cultivating living friendships based on love, truth and respect, and enabling our fellow Christians around the world to do the same.

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