About Us

In August 2007, Pastor John Hagee had it on his heart to implement a national prayer network who would pray for Israel, America, and Christians United For Israel. He asked Pastor Lynne Hammond to lead it. Pastor Lynne agreed and within days, the Daughters For Zion Prayer Network began.

The purpose of the Daughters For Zion Prayer Network (DFZ) is to organize prayer groups in America to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, the well-being of the State of Israel, the growth and development of Christians United For Israel, and other prayer efforts that come from the national director. The DFZ network is for all pray-ers.

The vision of Daughters For Zion is to organize prayer groups in every city in the nation. These prayer groups can take place in a church, a home, an office, or any environment conducive to worshipful prayer.

Prayer Points

  1. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.
    1. Pray that the enemies of Israel are brought to confusion and fight one against the other.
  2. Pray for the well-being of the state of Israel and its people.
    1. Pray for the government leaders in Israel.
    2. Pray for the Israeli soldiers.
    3. Pray for the underprivileged groups in Israeli society.
    4. Pray for the Israelis who make the Holy Land fruitful and turn deserts into blooming fields.
  3. Pray for the existing leadership of CUFI.
    1. Pray that God will touch the hearts of every Bible-believing pastor in America to join CUFI.
  4. Pray for any specific prayer target the Holy Spirit would lay on the heart of the national director.